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Sarah B. Romero NYU Career Coach
About Me


I'm Sarah and I'm so glad you're here.

As one client put it - I "get it" without being "in it" -  when it comes to how you're navigating your career.

And that's because I was "in it" for many years. Between job growth and changes, experiencing the highs and lows of both corporate and startup life, and building and leading teams across timezones and cultures, I've been in your shoes before. 

And with my professional experiences giving me deep insight into work life, I'm a trained career coach with an approach that helps you gain clarity and insight, uncovers what's really important to you, and guides you on a path to achieve whatever will fill you up, fills your cup, and brings more meaning, confidence, and ease to your work and your life. 

I can help you get unstuck and teach you the tools to thrive and achieve your version of success.

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My Services.

For Individuals.

For those seeking support through one-on-one career and leadership coaching, my goal is to offer a thoughtful, stimulating, and productive partnership. My mission is to support all professionals in becoming more capable and self-assured leaders so they may succeed in all facets of their lives.

  • Build healthier habits.

  • Get unbiased support for your goals.

  • Have a trusted thought-partner.

For Organizations.

I provide professional coaching to individuals and group programs for organizations who want to support and upskill their employees and managers. From leadership training to skills-based training, facilitating workshops and round table discussions, I can tailor programming to fit your team or organizational needs. 

  • Support employee growth & development.

  • Strengthen leadership skills.

  • Create thoughtful impact via group programming.


"Sarah has helped me feel confident, energized, and focused. It’s like magic, really."

Michelle (former client)

“Sarah is a tremendous coach, leader, and team builder. She has the deep knowledge around communicating effectively and how to drive results and change both with others and with yourself. Highly recommend.”

John, CA

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