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Image by Nicole Honeywill


Once we have our free consult call, I will tailor a coaching package based on your needs. 


All coaching packages include the following:


  • Welcome Packet that includes an overview of our coaching agreement and questions for you to answer that will help direct our roadmap for working together

  • 45-minute sessions via video chat.

  • Unlimited email in between our sessions (I reply within 24 hours)

  • Relevant tools, worksheets, templates.

Click here to set up your free 30-minute phone consult.



I currently have three offerings for corporate partners:

1. Group Workshops focused on various topics, including leadership skills, manager training, and corporate wellness-related topics. 

2. Individual workplace coaching for your team or employee. I provide strategic guidance and support to your employees to help them navigate their role, develop leadership skills, learn to be stronger communicators and team players, and more. 

Please contact me here to discuss further your organization or team's goals and how I can support them.


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