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7 Reasons I Became a Coach

I get these questions a lot: “Why did you become a Coach?” or “How did you get into Coaching?”

There’s a handful of reasons I decided to take this path in becoming a life and career coach. When I think back on my coaching journey, it started many years ago when I hired my own coach.

I had thought about hiring a life coach for a long time (like, for a few years, it had crept up in my mind on and off) but I never pulled the trigger. Once I did, I knew it was the best decision I made. The truth is, I was feeling stuck. And as someone who was always very independent from a very young age, thrown into just “figuring things out” with pretty much everything in my life, it was the first time in my life I couldn’t just figure it out. I needed a partner, someone who wouldn’t judge me, had an unbiased point of view and could help me untangle what was going on in my mind so that I could take the next steps in my life and career that felt good to me. A small part of me felt weak for hiring a coach - like what was wrong with me that I couldn’t figure it out on my own? I always had all these years!

Once I hired my coach, I recall cringing when I charged the payment to my credit card - it felt like such a significant financial investment at the time. It seemed like yet another bill I had to pay off between expensive NYC rent, student loans I was STILL paying off, and just the life that is living in New York City (hint - super-duper expensive!) But I saw the investment as one I was making in myself - in my own growth.

Within just 3 months of working with my coach, my life changed drastically. I got clear on what I wanted out of my career and made some bold moves. I also came to many realizations about what I wanted in a romantic relationship (which I had failed at time and time again my entire adult life). During this time, I entered into a romantic relationship with someone very, very special - who is now my husband!

After never really focusing on what I valued and wanted in life, I launched into a new path of personal development and healing. I started to truly take care of myself in mind, body, and spirit. It was life-changing. Oh, and that money I spent to hire my coach? It was SOOOO worth the investment. Best money I ever spent, because I reap the benefits every single day and will for the rest of my life.

After these breakthroughs took place with my coach, I was on a new path. About a year or so later, I made the decision to get my life and career coaching certification at NYU.

I wasn’t sure exactly how it would all shake out in terms of getting this new skill set under my belt. I just knew I had to do it, and I wanted to learn how to coach so that I too, could coach others who were feeling stuck like I was, who needed some expert guidance in their life and career, and who needed the support of someone who would be open and accepting to the life they dreamt of. I was also a new leader in my job, and I knew having a coaching background would make me an even better, stronger leader.

And it did. And while I launched my NYC life and career coaching practice as a side hustle, I definitely owe my coaching background to the next line of jobs I got. The hiring managers would tell me how my coaching background helped me stand out from other candidates!

Now that I have been an NYC life and career coach for several years, I look back at my journey, and I’m super grateful for the ride it’s been so far. Here are some other reasons (besides supporting others to live their best lives) that I decided to become a life coach:

1. A profession that fed my soul. In my corporate career, I was in roles within revenue organizations - hence, helping the company make lots of money. I had important jobs and I enjoyed many aspects of those roles. I'll admit though, I needed to fill my soul in a new way. I wanted to do something that I knew impacted people directly in a positive way. I wanted to make a difference beyond selling advertising. I’m not knocking anyone who does it btw, it’s a challenging and rewarding career in many ways, and I do love many aspects of it! But for how I am built, I needed something a bit different in the mix. This is how life and career coaching came into play.

2. Earning more money. Once I started my life and career coaching practice, I began to make money on the side of my full-time job. This was an additional income I earned that helped me achieve lots of other financial goals I had. As I continue to build my business, I know the sky is the limit! There's so much opportunity and potential in running your own business and I love the thrill of it!

3. Working for myself and more independently. As much as I am a people person, and I’ve had some fantastic bosses throughout my corporate career, I’ve always liked the idea of working independently and being my own boss. Running my private life and career coaching practice allows me to do that. I decide how, when, where, and who I work with. I still get to work with lots of different types of people! And, most days I get to wear cozy sweatpants :)

4. Continuing my own personal development through my work. Even though I have my NYU Coach Certification, I actually continue to work through my own personal growth as I coach others. Every client of mine is unique, and in every single situation I am in, I find myself learning and discovering more as a professional and as a person. As much as the client is gaining from the relationship, I, too, continue to learn, hone my craft, and discover new ideas and concepts all the time that help me grow.

5. I get to be the support person to others that I always needed. When my clients thank me for just listening and being there for them, I am reminded of how important it is to feel heard and validated by others. So many of my clients don't have people in their life that they feel they can totally be vulnerable with, or get unbiased/nonjudgmental guidance from. I love being this person for others because in earlier stages of my life, I didn't have this and would have benefited so much from it. The coaching relationship is a special one, and I hold it near and dear to my heart.

6. I love being a “personal trainer” for the heart and mind. Remember how I said I felt weak hiring a coach? Well, I got it all wrong back then, and I quickly realized that once I started to work with my coach. You see, a coach doesn’t fix someone or tell them what to do. A coach partners with you to help you uncover what’s true for you in your mind and in your heart. Think about hiring a personal trainer at the gym - they don’t actually change your body. You do it - but with their expert guidance, support, and tools to help you achieve your goals. That’s what a coach does - except for your inner mind and soul.

7. I meet all kinds of interesting people. A social scientist at heart, I am genuinely interested in humans and what makes us tick. So much so, my entire college degree was studying the theories behind interpersonal communication and behavior. People closest to me know that I am a super-connector - I love forging new relationships with all kinds of people, and I have friends all over the world. Now, as a life and career coach, I get to meet and work with all sorts of people! I think about this past month, for example - I coached a nurse, an entrepreneur, an IVY league student, a fashion designer, a yoga instructor, a social media marketer, and a financial analyst. How cool is that??!!

So, why did I become a life and career coach? Because of all the richness it has added to my life and my work.

Are you considering a career in coaching? I am always happy to connect and share more about my experience - just holler!

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