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Linda, NC

"I was on a career path that I wasn't too excited about and had always held on to the hope of landing my dream job in a different field. But navigating through the job market in a field where I had no connections or prior knowledge/experience was extremely challenging. I felt stuck and felt like I exhausted every effort. I felt that I was out of options...and that's when Sarah came into the picture! Sarah is that confidence and encouragement you need at times when you don't have those two things. And the best part of the entire experience is that I indeed landed my dream job! I highly recommend Sarah!"

Maya, D.C.

"Working with Sarah was a truly enriching experience. She gave me the confidence I needed, which helped me improve my interviewing skills. I loved working with her because she gave me constant assistance and feedback, and always made herself available to answer my questions. I walked away from the experience feeling confident, and the best part is that I landed the job I wanted!"

Victoria, CA

"Through my work with you, I’m now able to look at my career with a marathon perspective in lieu of a sprint. I’m also able to separate work from life now, which is a huge step forward. You helped me achieve goals that will benefit me for the rest of my career and life, like establishing work/life balance. I can’t thank you enough for the one-off emails and phone calls when I felt in a bind. I really believe those helped me bring my professionalism to a whole new level. Thank you, Sarah!"

Emma, NY

"Sarah gave me the push and encouragement I needed to finally finish grad school applications. She provided me with amazing advice and worked with me through my hesitations until I was happy with the end result. I worked with a lot of people through this process and Sarah was the only one whose input made me feel secure. She is sincerely uplifting and very easy to talk to. Working with her was invaluable!"

Nicolette, NY

"Among many other gains, Sarah helped me shift focus to my goals, create a sense of value to my skills and practice, and she gave me long-lasting tools to help myself emotionally and professionally. I'll always be so grateful for the work we did together and I totally recommend her to anyone that may be looking for a career/ life coach."

Diane, NJ

"Sarah is an amazing coach. Before I started my sessions with her, I felt stuck and unhappy about where I was in my career. Through her great coaching skills, Sarah opened my eyes to all the opportunity available to me, helped me to explore my options, and find my passion. I can now say I feel excited about the next chapter in my career, having clarity about what I enjoy and how to achieve it!"

Johnny, CA

"Sarah is a tremendous coach, leader, and team builder. She has the deep knowledge around communicating effectively and how to drive results and change both with others and with yourself. Highly recommend!"

Laura, NY

"Sarah exceeded all of my expectations as a coach, and supported me not only professionally but personally. She helped me grow in the hard path of readdressing my career. She opened my mind and leveraged my resources to find the options that better fit my needs."

Michelle, CA

"Throughout the sessions, she was my biggest cheerleader. Without her guidance and inspiration, I don't think I would be where I am today: working in a role and company I'm loving, building healthy relationships and making choices that add value to my life on a daily basis."
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